Crown of Life Lutheran Church

Tomball, TX  (NW Houston)

est. 1991

  Worship  10:30 am
  Bible Class  9:30 am
Info:  281-351-8001
18145 N. Eldridge Pkwy.
Tomball, Texas  77377
                     (NW Houston)
   Rev. Gordon Waterman​,              pastor
  1. Events Calendar
    Pentecost Oct 22 Potluck Oct 29 REFORMATION 500 Nov 5 All Saint's Sun Nov 5 4pm Reformation lecture/Luther Hymns Dec 3 Advent Dec 24 Christmas Eve 7:30pm
  Nov. 5th, 4pm, for the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, Rev. Gordon Waterman will present a lecture on Dr. Luther and his hymns. Luther wrote 37 hymns and re-established the practice of singing hymns in the Christian worship service. Pastor Waterman recently authored a booklet "12 Reformation Hymns by Martin Luther", available from Ambassador Publications
+We hear the Gospel read and preached, the Good News that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all and that salvation if free to all who believe.
+We confess our sins and express our Christian beliefs through the  Apostles' Creed.

+We sing hymns of praise and the liturgy with the organ.

+We pray to the Triune God,  the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
+We greet each other in fellowship as Christian brothers and sisters.
Mission Statement
       "We, at Crown of Life Lutheran Church, recognizing the kingship of Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives, as grateful servants, commit ourselves to carry out God's Great Commission by baptising infants, children, and adults, by celebrating the Sacrament of the Altar regularly,
by holding regularly scheduled Bible classes and worship services, and by teaching God's inspired and inerrant Word to as many as will listen.
    We will accomplish this Gospel mission through outreach, nurturing and educational programs. The outcome under God's blessing and with His help will be a caring and loving 
congregation of Believers in Christ endeavoring to live the Christian life in word and in deed."
We are an AFLC congregation.